All renters and additional drivers must be 21 or older. All renters must have a valid driver’s license and a major credit card in their name. Individuals with learners’ or instructional permits are not eligible to rent. 


The underage surcharge for drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 is +%75 of rental price per day. (if price is $50 you pay $50 + %75 = 87.50). Renters between the ages of 21 and 24 may NOT rent the following vehicle classes: Premium SUV, Luxury truck/SUV or Electric.


Debit cards are not accepted. 


At the time of rental, Renter must provide evidence of a transferrable auto collision, comprehensive and liability policy for ALL vehicle classes. 


The following forms of payment are accepted for the rental. VISA® MasterCard® American Express® Discover Network®

The Estimated Total for the rental on the Review & Reserve screen and/or in the email reservation confirmation will be charged to the form of payment provided by Renter. If the rental as reserved is modified, the estimated total amount for the rental may change and would still be charged to the form of payment provided by Renter.

At the time of the rental, Renter will sign a rental contract (the “Contract”) which applies to the rental and includes a Rental Agreement.


To account for Renter potentially incurring additional amounts owed under the Contract, a deposit of $300.


$250 Cleaning fee will be charged for any smoking in car. No vapes. 

Mileage Limit

Renter will obey the following mileage limit for the Vehicle: 150 miles per day

Excess Mileage: $.29 per mile (sedans and compact class), $.79 per mile (trucks and premium SUVs), $1.25 per mile (elite and luxury sedans and suvs)

Fuel: Renter shall pay for the use of fuel.

Deposit: $300 (sedans and compact class), $500(trucks and premium SUVs), $750 (elite and luxury sedans and suvs).

Traveling out off state:

Vehicles are not allowed to travel cross state lines. $300 penalty will be imposed for violation of policy.


Renter must use an above listed form of payment for the deposit amount. The deposit amount will not be available for use by Renter and/or refunded to Renter until after the vehicle has been returned.

If Renter incurs additional amounts owed under the Contract, those additional amounts may be deducted from Renter’s deposit amount, if applicable. If those additional amounts are not deducted from the deposit amount, if applicable, they will be charged to the form of payment provided by Renter at the time of rental unless Renter provides a different above listed form of payment to be charged.

Money orders and prepaid cards are not acceptable forms of payment at the time of rental, including for the deposit amount, but may be used to pay any amounts due at the end of the rental after the vehicle has been returned.  Cash is not accepted.

In addition to one of the above listed forms of payment, credit cards with sufficient available credit which are listed on Renter's Profile or Loyalty Account (Emerald Club, E Club, etc.) will be accepted as payment for all amounts owed under the Contract.

All amounts owed by Renter under the Contract will be submitted (a) as an authorization to be a hold against and ultimately charged to Renter’s credit card or debit card, or (b) to be charged to Renter’s debit card.